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Who am I?

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Leonardo Porpora - 'n0sign4l'

:~# rm -rf /

What I do:

I'm 17 years old, student at the Liceo Redi in Arezzo, I do really like cyber security since I was 15 and I'm working hard every day to make my knowledges better and better. I do research and pentesting, and nowadays these are the things that I like most. When I break into systems I get so excited, I think that beeing an Ethical Hacker is a great way to help people because it's a way to improve the security and prevent cyber criminals to have unathourized access. I'm a member of Nint.en.do Ethical Hacker Group.



Home sweet home :)

Arezzo, Italy

+39 345 3289898

leonardo porpora (a) firewake org

You can contact me 24/7/365 on Signal or by e-mail, in case you tried to call me and I haven't answered there are two possible reasons: 1) I was at school 2) I was sleeping :), remember that you could always leave a vocal message on Signal :D