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Who is and can be defined as a hacker?

In the last 20 years the hacker has always been taken from the media as a criminal but it is anything but the criminal is a cyber criminal, the hacker is a person who is interested in an argument that can be an engine rather than creating a construction. There was a time when hackers fought for so long that the hacker became the passionate person, he likes to do that and wants to do that, the hacker is a person who wants to understand things come and things tries to improve them , study them to share this information and offer others to grow. The hacker is a person who has an interesting interest in an ethics, in the computer environment the hacker is a curious and passionate person who tries to understand how systems work, in which he finds vulnerability and if he is not sure that the true, is it really safe, why should you use it? Then begin to analyze what are the security issues to: improve, optimize, remove vulnerabilities that can compromise the security and security of personal information.

"Who is and can be defined as a hacker?" article published on April 26, 2018 by .